“Today, my sky is grey. The colours are all hiding in my heart.” 

A fanciful exploration of the creative magic which liberates our emotions, allowing us to relate to the world around us

Created in collaboration with Matt McGachy, Early Childhood Educator and Yan Yee Poon, Art Therapist

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Hidden Rainbow - Print Book

Hidden Rainbow

Written by Jessica Buckingham
Illustrated by Jeannie Banh

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Soft cover
Format 8” x 8”

14.99 $CAD – 12.99$ USD


Why did we imagine this book?

  • Present an artistic practice as a safe space to explore the range of emotions caused by uncertain times.
  • Offer parents a playful opportunity to welcome their child’s emotions and bring up their impermanent nature.
  • Revive the creative spark in the heart of artists, big and small, while highlighting the solidarity which remains despite the faded rainbows.

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