collaborations * co-creations

Mycelia Media‘s name was inspired by mycelium,  filaments of
ramified underground fungus which allow communication between
trees within a forest network. Vector of positive change, Mycelia Media initiates collective exploration projects that promote the co-construction of knowledge.

Jessica Buckingham

Jessica wrote the books she wanted to read to her children to help make sense of the world around them. She admires the beauty of cocreation where each person’s implication fosters personal and collective growth. A lifelong learner and an optimist at heart, she remains humble in front of the extent of knowledge that needs to be acquired, the field of possibilities and the power of iterative action.

Jeannie Banh

As an illustrator and graphic designer, Jeannie thrives within the permeability of borders. Her approach combines traditional art and graphic design, the fluidity of watercolor and the potential of digital media. Her reflexive approach, based on the study of art history, strives to reveal the creative process and understand its sensory influence. Minimalist by nature, she aspires to reveal the essential beauty in everyday life.