American Sign Language

Watch the ASL translation of Today, We’re Staying Home

Video Credit: Silent Voice Canada and RESO
ASL translation: Thinaja Nadarajah, English voice-over: April Holtom

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Silent Voice Canada has compiled a collection of ASL storytime videos as well as other educational material for children.  

About Silent Voice Canada

Since 1975, Silent Voice Canada has been offering products and services conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) that open the world to Deaf adults, youth, children, infants, and their families by enhancing communication, removing barriers, promoting inclusiveness and developing skills.

Empowering Deaf Adults – through an array of accessible direct client services and educational programming in ASL. Engaging Children and Youth – through accessible recreational, sports, social,
and leadership programming in ASL. Bringing ASL
home – through ASL education and resources to Deaf
infants, children, youth and their families. Accessibility Services – communication access through ASL content development, consulting services and more.