Today, We’re Staying Home


“Today, no daycare or school, Daddy and Mommy are home too.” 

A positive story which highlights the tender moments of a day spent at home and the joy of being together in the present moment.

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Today, We're Staying Home - Print Book

Today, We’re Staying Home

Written by Jessica Buckingham
Illustrated by Jeannie Banh

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Format 8” x 8”

12.99 $CAD – 10.99$ USD


Activity Guide

Today, We're Staying Home - Print Book

Activity Guide

In collaboration with Matt McGachy, Early Childhood Educator and Yan Yee Poon, Art therapist

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ASL Video

Watch the American Sign Language translation
by Silent Voice Canada in collaboration with RESO.
ASL translation: Thinaja Nadarajah
English voice-over: April Holtom

Why did we imagine this book?

  • Foster the creation of a new sense of normality for children living within the unprecedented setting of confinement.
  • Offer parents an opportunity to bring up sensitive subjects such as shared space in the context of remote work, the virtualisation of social rituals and social distancing with loved ones.
  • Highlighting the tender moments of days that may seem to drag on and remind us that although we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we can try to focus our attention on today.

The Team


Jessica Buckingham

“Today, I write my morning pages,
I read a mountain of children’s books and I look for signs of spring.”


Jeannie Banh

“Today, I chase after light and shadows, I doodle in a notebook while sipping my tea as I daydream.”

Early Childhood Collaborator

Matt McGachy

“Today, I play guitar,
I build forts in the hall and
I broadcast a podcast.”

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